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Jewelry Repairs

Our team of experts relies on their knowledge and experience that they gained over many years of training and work. The repairing services offer the replacement of gemstones, diamonds, shanks, claps and catches.

Jewelry Restoration

Our technicians are using some of the most advanced pieces of equipment to restore the shine of your precious Jewelry. We will take good care of your precious items, after the restoration process they will look like they are new.

Engraving Services

The engraving service that we provide is the best option if you have an anniversary or a birthday coming up. That is because if you engrave a small message, it will make them extremally happy.

Jewelry Valuation

If you want to find out the value of your precious Jewelry, whether it be for future sale, replacement or you are just curious how much is your item worth, you are in the right place.

Why Choose Us

There are a lot of different reasons why you should choose us over any other Jewelry store. For example, we offer a huge variety of services that can satisfy everyone’s needs. We have some of the best technicians and specialists who are highly qualified for their job and have many years of experience. Of course, the fact that we are the best in the business, you will not find a better place to take your jewelry to for repairs or restoration.

Our Advantages



This is for sure the most sold item in our store. That is because we have the largest collection of rings and everyone can find a perfect one for them. No matter the budget you have because our rings are coming in a variety of prices.



Aquamarine drop earrings are extremely popular and are the perfect gift for any woman. They wear earrings everywhere they go and that’s why it is such a good gift. Especially if you buy some unusual design that will stand out.



If you are looking to buy a piece of a jewelry and want to engrave a message, then a bracelet is the perfect option for you. Of course, you can also buy bracelets that are full of diamonds or other precious stone.



 Necklaces are frequently formed from a metal jewellery chain. Others are woven or manufactured from cloth using string or twine. Common features of necklaces include colorful stones , wood , art glass, feathers, shells, beads or corals.


We want 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your jewelry purchase from our on-line store, return it to us, postage prepaid, within 10 days and we will refund the full purchase price less shipping and handling.* Our cubic zirconia set in 14k gold carries a lifetime guarantee against defects in design and craftsmanship, subject to normal wear.

Our CZ’s are the Russian formula and are backed by a written lifetime warranty. We will replace any of our CZ gems if, for any reason, they do not retain their brilliance or color (under normal wear).