Everybody that have a large amount of jewelry knows that it is very tough to organize it and keep it that way. However, it is good to have it well organized, mostly because items like rings and earrings can be lost easily due to their small size, necklaces can get tangled up quickly if they are not stored and organized the right way. To organize the jewelry there are some jewelry organizers that you can buy, but they are usually expensive. If you don’t want to spend money on those organizers, then you can make yourself one and design it your way.

Wall Organizer

This is the fastest and the simplest option you have, to organize your jewelry. There are a lot of different jewelry cabinets that you can buy which are specially made to store your jewelry. They are usually made to hang on the walls, that way you can show off every piece that you own if someone comes over to your home. With these cabinets, you can keep each piece of jewelry visible. That is very important because you will quickly realize if some piece is missing from your collection.

Jewelry Holders

There is nothing special about jewelry holders, that’s why we are encouraging you to try and make yourself one. You need to make the holders depending on what type of jewelry you have. For example, if you want to make a holder for your necklaces then you need to make them long enough to fit the necklaces. That is because you don’t want to deal with tangled up chains every time that you decide to wear a necklace. For rings and earrings, we suggest making some small holders that are separated because you want your jewelry all mixed up. You can make these holders out of cardboard using some glue. When you made them, make sure that you organize everything before you put them into a drawer.

Jewelry Boxes

When you hear jewelry box you probably thinking of a box full of unorganized jewelry, but we are not suggesting that. We are talking about the cheap plastic boxes that have drawers. Why is that a good organizing solution you might ask, well if you put a layer of foam on the bottom of each drawer then you will be able to organize your jewelry by puncturing the foam? That way the foam will hold the piece in on place.